Owner Barb GrOb's 1st shop was The Wave Gallery, opened on May 1st, 1999- the birthplace of the ART SLUT brand & representative of hundreds of artists, before it sold, 7 yrs later. Then, came the famous ART BAR- a contemporary art gallery, with a jewelry bar, wine bar, gift shop & performance space, that was fabulous, but way too much for one person & the sale of the lease gave Barb the freedom to begin traveling the world, finding it's greatest treasures & selling them at her next venture.. The Key West Jewelry Bar was Key West's longest lived 'pop-up' store & 4yrs later, the concept moved across the street, expanded, rebranded, renovated the Old & Rare section of Island Books, for our new space.

Now, after nearly 20 years in business in Key West..


We're an Overnight Success'! 


Barb Grob - Key West Local Luxe Jewelry Store

"I found a meteorite, when I was about 6yrs old & have been a rock nerd, ever since.  I started making jewelry as small sculptures at about 18. Add to that, a lifetime of working in The Arts, at art schools, as a sculptress & muralist, gallery owner.. Jewelry is tiny sculptures of Earth Science, that make people FEEL GOOD & let's face it- Jewelry is The Perfect Gift. It always fits, easily ships & won't go to the hips! So, everybody's a WINNER!"

Most known for The Wave Gallery, The ART BAR, ART SLUT brand & her metal sculptures (Key West Smiling Geckos)- Owner, Barb GrOb started her Key West career in The Arts 1996, after moving from Yucatan Mexico, where she was doing massive, sculptural murals for commercial purposes. Now, with nearly 20yrs in the retail side of The Arts, she has found her mate & hit her stride. Along with the help of her Life Partner- Tim Lorber & her beautiful, baby angel, Gigi, Key West Local Luxe is 'A Rocket To The Moon' - growing by leaps & bounds, continually & currently, working on production of several new lines for hotels, boutiques, corporate gifts & museum stores. So, STAY TUNED!