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    USA Today Names Key West Local Luxe a Top 3 Shopping Experience in The Florida Keys!

    Key West Local  Luxe specializes in Handmade, 1 of a Kind & Rare Find Jewelry featuring Exotic Jewels, Gifts, Eyewear & Accessories created by Owner/Artist/Designer, Barb Grob & the artists she finds on her travels around the world, Key West Local Luxe is the gem of The Island! 

    Support The Arts & live life creatively! Local Luxe (#3 on USA Today's Top 10 Shopping in The Keys List!) has everything wonderful under the sun. The Keys' largest selection of exquisite pearls & exotic, one-of-a-kind & rare-find jewelry. Known for quality & creativity with a wink & a smile.. It's Obtainable Objects of Desire.

    Making the ladies happy is easy at Local Luxe, because most all of these works of art are made in-house or purchased directly from artists. SO, shopping here supports the arts & keeps the cost of the 'real thing' within reach, while offering a surprisingly wide variety of prices & styles. Check out Owner Barb GrOb's Patent Pending, optic-quality She-She Shades bamboo eyewear that FLOAT & her Sparkle Specs sunglasses that use bejeweled chains instead of stems!

    To make the shopping experience less painful for the guys, owner GrOb, is happy to do your shopping for you. With just a few questions, your budget and a photo of your lovely lady, she promises to have the perfect gift selected, wrapped and ready to go (or even delivered).


    Owner Barb GrOb's 1st shop was The Wave Gallery, opened on May 1st, 1999- the birthplace of the ART SLUT brand & representative of hundreds of artists, before it sold, 7 yrs later. Then, came the famous ART BAR- a contemporary art gallery, with a jewelry bar, wine bar, gift shop & performance space, that was fabulous, but way too much for one person & the sale of the lease gave Barb the freedom to begin traveling the world, finding it's greatest treasures & selling them at her next venture.. The Key West Jewelry Bar was Key West's longest lived 'pop-up' store & 4yrs later, the concept moved across the street, expanded, rebranded, renovated & voila! a YEAR later, an 'overnight success'! :) It's so nice, to feel that everything's coming full circle.

    Meet the Business Owner

    Barb GrOb

    Most known for The Wave Gallery, The ART BAR, The Jewelry Bar, her ART SLUT brand & as the creatress of the Key West Smiling Geckos- Owner, Barb GrOb started her art career in Key West in 1996 & it's been a wild ride! Most people don't know, she actually started in art jewelry, a million years ago, back in MO & Local Luxe is really, a life in the arts, come full circle. "I've been working in jewelry & the arts for for 30 years, but this is the one, I'm the most proud of", she says. It feels good, not to do consignment, to love what I do & to have a partner, I adore- who is so helpful & Gigi, of course".
    ..This place is filled with love.


    Located in the Heart of Old Town Key West at 515 Fleming Street