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    Save Our Store! ..Keeping Key West Local Luxe afloat, in the wake of Irma & trajectory of Maria..

    Firstly, Thank You- to all of you who've reached out to express your concern! We feel the love & appreciate you, SO much. Our hearts go out to our friends & neighbors in The Keys, who are suffering & we will do what we can, to help them, as soon as we get our own situation under control. Here's the Update:

    We evacuated with our dog, our inventory (THAT was harsh!) & our lives, to a tiny house & we're thankful! We chose Asheville, due to an ongoing biz negotiation. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out. So, we've been scrambling like mad, for the last 12 days- trying to figure out a temporary storefront in this tight market, to keep us afloat 'till we can go home & biting our nails, watching what's happening in The Keys. It is very painful. 

    The good news is: We're safe. Our home & biz in KW have no physical damage , but the reality is, I just spent all our $$ on inventory, in preparation for Season & nobody's going to be buying jewelry there until Jan. at best. 

    So, here's where we're at.. A kind woman, who owns 2 jewelry stores here, has offered us a turn-key sublet for Oct-Dec. However. it's going to drain our accounts. Plus, we have to get to KW, prep our condo to rent, collect our belongings & get back here, set up & open by Oct. 1st!  We have to take it, bc if we go home now, we'll only have outgoing cash & no income, to pay for our store & mortgage. Here- even though we'll be paying the big $$ + our rent to live, on top of our KW costs, at least we can generate revenue & Oct-Dec are the high season. So, this is a gift & we are grateful! It's just a bit tight at the moment..

    The good news for all of YOU is, I'm inventory heavy & cash poor, just now AND, the Holiday Season is upon us! So, please, take advantage of the opportunity to get incredible savings on all of your holiday shopping, as soon as possible! It will help us, tremendously!

    Use discount codes

    • IRMA20 - 20% off all orders over $100
    • IRMA30 - 30% off all orders over $500
    • IRMA40 - 40& off all orders over $1000
    • IRMA-SAVIOR50 - 50% off all orders over $2000

    To get HUGE discounts off our already great prices on gorgeous girlie goods & keep us in business! 

    Thanks again, for all of your concern & support! We love you all!